About me

Nico Cease is a upcoming British/Colombian independent UK Artist, born and raised in South East London to Colombian parents.

Nico Cease @ Age 12

He got an interest for music at the tender age of 7. It first began when he discovered the art of poetry, for him poetry wasn’t just an expression but a form of liberation. Inspired by his passion for poetry and music he began writing lyrics at the age of 12 and spent many years recording with his childhood friends. Most of whom are artists that are now established in today’s UK Rap scene. His music is greatly influenced by the problems he faced growing up in Greenwich.

The Royal Borough of Greenwich is among one of the boroughs in London that has a high rising statistic of crime. Most of which is reflected in he’s music, he’s aim is to create a modern hip hop sound that’s trending and appealing to the uk audience alongside the South American music market. He’s diverse style of modern Trap Rap, Hip Hop and alternate rap is developing and will be available to stream on all platforms.

He’s work ethic and desire to grow doesn’t stop at writing songs, but also in directing videos. His an independent visionary who’s creative talent has manifested in wide areas.

Nico Cease, based on a real life story.